Audiophile & Whole House Stereo Systems

HiFi Audio Systems - Wire Monkeys

Have you ever considered a whole house stereo system? Wire Monkeys offers a broad range of the best audio components for enjoying the music you love. Our selection, dedicated to sound reproduction, includes some of the highest performing products out there. Let us help you choose the right audio components that will offer you excellent sound quality, suit your decor and be simple to operate. We can design any system to fit every application, taste and budget.

Today the possibilities are endless with regard to audiophile sound systems. No longer does your high end hi-fi system need to look like a traditional hi-fi. At Wire Monkeys we have studied the world of digital audio and now have systems and solutions from some of the most forward thinking audio companies. Supporting brands such as Monitor Audio and Martin Logan, we can offer you discreet and compact speaker systems that pack more punch, whilst offering the highest fidelity audio combined with discreet in wall or on wall systems. We can show you sound systems that your ears will simply not believe....

Audiophile Sound Systems Features:

  • Stunning high resolution audio
  • Purest audio quality
  • Compact Speakers amazing digital sound
  • Immersive listening experience
  • Home Trials - we can give you a demonstration in your own home...
  • and much more...

Contact us today for a free quote to see how our design an awesome audiophile system for you.