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A smart home is well within your reach with the expertise and design of a professional home automation company.

Wire Monkeys Integration Services provide a simple state-of-the-art way to control multiple functions through in wall touch panels or convenient apps on your favorite smart phone, tablet or laptop. Our integration services including home automation, whole house audio, lighting control, shade and blind controls, pool and spa control, and outdoor entertainment speakers.

As technology evolves, more and more aspects of your property can be controlled – not only when you are at home but also remotely. Not only this but information can be passed between different devices and processes can be put in place – for example, when the alarm is triggered external lights could be set to flash and a message can be sent to all household mobile phones.

It’s not all about security too but about creating useful sequences for your home. Heating can be set to come on depending on the amount of sunlight outside or maybe only within certain areas of the property based upon movement. If it starts to snow at home when you are taking your winter holiday in the sun you can access your property on your mobile phone and make adjustments so that your property is heated when you return and your cats stay warm too!

Lighting can be sequenced depending upon activities at the property – arrive home in the dark and your property can be lit before you get out your car and radio begins to play as you enter the house. Devices such as projectors and televisions can be hidden within ceiling voids and wall cavities – mechanical devices bringing them into place only when they are needed.

From concept and design to system installation, we can assist you with all phases of your project working closely with owners, builders, architects, designers, and decorators.

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