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    Buyer’s Guide Theater Speakers from Bluesound

    Are your TV’s built-in speakers not sounding as good as you’d like them to? Are the speakers you bought from your local technology store just not providing those fuller, richer sounds you had hoped they would? You haven’t experienced real high-quality Home Theater Speakers until you’ve been blown off of your feet by the impeccably rich bass of the Pulse Soundbar 2i wireless speakers paired with our Pulse Sub design. Made to check every box that defines the term ‘cutting edge’, our speakers are able to suit every need for your home audio experience.

    The BlueSound Speakers we provide offer you the option of a non-intrusive installation within your home system. Unlike most speakers systems, the BlueSound speakers have full BlueTooth capabilities and negate the complication of wiring which can often be a tedious and quite permanent process to your home, with holes sometimes needing to be cut into walls for wiring. Our unique non-portable BlueTooth speakers also allow you to easily adjust the positioning of your speakers for an optimal entertainment experience. Looking for a more surround-sound experience? Simply move a few of your BlueSound speakers away from the front of your media room to somewhere in the back so that your seating arrangement falls in between the speakers. No rewiring required!

    The 24-bit resolution Pulse Soundbar 2i speakers possess a multitude of features including multi mobile device connections and the ability to connect directly to Amazon’s Alexa or the Amazon Echo for even easier access and a generous improvement to both systems! Our speaker also has direct access to internet radio stations, music streaming services, and a local music library where you can download all of your favorites. The IR remote commands are easy to program and the innovative AirPlay 2 system allows you to play whatever you want from your speakers all across your home, with all of your wireless speakers playing in sync!

    The Pulse Sub is a smart and compact subwoofer design, made specifically to compliment the Pulse Soundbar 2i or the Pulse Flex 2i with even richer quality and a more immersive audio experience. The Pulse Sub is made to be easily fit behind, beside, or beneath furniture to allow for total audio immersion without disturbing the aesthetic of your media room with an obtrusive design. The Pulse Sub also has an easy BlueTooth setup which can be linked directly to another Pulse speaker or directly to your mobile device. Like its larger cousin, the Pulse Sub also has fully customisable volume, crossover, and phase control features to allow for the perfect audio experience for you and your guests.