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    The Smartest ways to upgrade your home security

    Your home security is very important to you and your family. Knowing you live in a safe home is what helps you sleep soundly at night. However, burglaries are becoming more common and having a ‘lock-up-and-go’ home is becoming less feasible. There are a number of ingenious solutions to help solve this problem. Smart technology makes it possible to control the access of your home whether you are there or not. We have selected some of the most secure methods of controlling your home security that don’t sacrifice your ease of movement. Here are some of the smartest ways that you can upgrade your home security.


    This one may not seem obvious, but hear us out: Being in a well-lit area makes people feel safer, because they have better visibility. This is exactly why people feel safer during the daytime and why children are afraid of the dark. Simple setting adjustments in your lighting system can make a huge difference to your safety and security. If you think you hear an intrusion in your house- turn on the lights from your smart phone before you go downstairs! Adjust your lighting settings so that when then garage door opens after dark, the lights leading up to your door turn on automatically.

    Detectors and sensors:

    Since you can’t always be home, detectors and sensors are there to keep an eye on things and alert you of any potential emergencies. Glass break sensors sound an alarm if a window breaks, alerting you to possible intrusion. At the first hint of smoke, today’s smart smoke detectors sound an alarm and notify you on your mobile device, this way you can call emergency services even if you’re not home to smell the smoke. A carbon monoxide detector only makes sense when it’s impossible for you to detect this odourless and potentially lethal gas. Protect your loved ones by installing them and leave home each morning knowing it will remain safe until you return.

    Smart locks:

    No more hiding your spare keys under a rock! There’s a smart safety solution for your front door too! Installing smart locks means that you’ll never have to worry about losing keys again. Smart locks are easy to install and maintain. With unique access codes, everyone in the family can have quick, easy entry into the home. Guests can be provided with temporary passcodes while they’re staying in your home. And because its accessible from your smart phone, you benefit from the added convenience of locking and unlocking doors and arming your security system remotely.

    Outdoor security cameras :

    Increase your home’s security with the ability to view activity outside your home from a central hub. Install outdoor security cameras with night vision, and you’ll be able to see who enters your property, keep an eye your vehicles and entrances to your home, or monitor street activity. Outdoor security cameras even have the added benefit of detracting burglaries before they’ve even happened because your home is less likely to be broken into if the intruders know they will be filmed. Link cameras to your mobile device and you can view live video feed any time, from anywhere so that you can keep an eye on your home from the office or the Bahamas.

    Are you interested in upgrading your homes security? Talk to the experts! We will help you find the best security solutions for your home and needs. Whether you need smart locks or outdoor cameras, we will help you find a security solution that best fits your home, lifestyle and budget.