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    Outdoor Speaker Buyers Guide

    With warmer weather finally heading this way, it’s nearing time to look at ways to bring the party outside. There’s no better way to do that than with outdoor speakers. Having an outdoor sound system that is fully integrated into your whole home audio setup will make your back garden an extension of your home and improve the way you entertain. But where to begin? There are a number of factors to consider when installing an outdoor speaker system. The size of the yard will have a big impact on the equipment you end up using. If you are wanting speakers in areas that get a lot of water (flower beds, swimming pools or areas exposed to rain) you’ll want waterproof speakers and maybe even a water resistant volume control. There are many things to think about, so take a look- Here is a basic breakdown to show you some options that might be best for you.

    Permanently Installed Stereo Speakers

    If your use of the outdoors doesn’t extend much farther than your deck, then this might be the option for you. Permanently installed stereo speakers are quite powerful with detailed, rich sound and are perfect for the porch, deck or for small yards. They draw their power from the home receiver which makes it fully integrate-able with your home speaker system. These speakers tend to be very similar to indoor speakers except that they can withstand elements with ease and they come with mounting brackets. Generally their grilles and enclosures can be painted to match walls for a more seamless look.

    Patio and garden speakers

    For larger gardens and for listening further away from the house- areas like pools, patios and gardens. Weatherproof and permanently installed without any cover or need for protection. This is a more neighbourhood friendly option than simply blasting the music from the house across your (and your neighbours’) yard. Many options available in natural shapes such as rocks so as not to detract from scenery. Some options allow speakers to be buried in the ground for complete discretion and so as not to interfere with the landscape at all!

    Stereo-Input Speakers

    There are few things more distracting than hearing only half of the song that you’re listening to- and this can sometimes happen with Stereo speakers that are placed too far apart. This is more likely to happen in a garden where there is more happening between two separate speakers such as a game of catch or a cannon ball competition in the pool. There is a simple solution however and it is stereo input speakers. These speakers have inputs for both left and right channels. Often, they can be switched between stereo or traditional left or right playback. Problem solved!

    70 Volt Speakers and Amps

    These are perfect for playing music in more than one outdoor area because a 70-volt system can drive several speakers with a single amplifier- and they work will over long cable runs. So if you’re looking for a system to cover a large area of your garden this is probably your best bet. It’s easier to add more speakers on to this system later on but it does make planning more complicated. This makes it easy to manage and it tends to be a more financially viable option.

    Portable Wireless Speakers

    Portable wireless speakers are probably most people’s first introduction to outdoor speakers. With many, many options available on the market, they are easy to use as all you need to do is connect your smart phone or tablet to Bluetooth and stream music that way. If the speaker has Wi-Fi, you can stream music from your networked computer too. The downside is that they aren’t weather resistant and that they aren’t designed to be left outside so always bring them back inside after any period of use.

    If you’re in the market for an outdoor speaker system but aren’t sure about which is the best option for your needs, we can help you decide! Whether your yard is large or small, we can help you figure out the perfect plan for perfect outdoor music.