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    Smart mirrors, a worthwhile investment?

    Mornings are often the busiest time of the day. There are always many things to do, you need to fit in a bunch of very important things (like eating a meal and having a shower) into an often too small amount of time. A good chunk of the morning is spent staring at a mirror, putting on make-up, brushing hair and teeth, making sure you look decent before you head out into the world. Now you can use that time spent staring at the mirror more effectively with the installation of a smart mirror. Smart Mirrors are becoming valuable tools in the way we start and end our days, providing us with personalized information and entertainment in a seamless, easy to use way.

    Séura is an award-winning smart mirror manufacturer who create products that blend smart technology with design in a new, innovative manner. At their core, they believe the best environments are designed when art and science work together- a belief that is apparent in their beautiful range of mirrors.

    Here are a variety of options on the market to help you find the best mirrored solution for your needs.

    Bluetooth mirrors

    Bluetooth mirrors allow you to sync your phone with the mirror and play any of your music through the speakers in the mirror. Linked with Amazon Echo, you can also use Bluetooth mirrors to communicate with Alexa. This will allow you to play out your mornings with less hassle than ever before. With a small button at the bottom of the mirror, you are able to ask questions or give instructions, which will then be played out in the usual Alexa fashion.

    Entertainment TV Mirrors

    A beautiful mirror that magically transforms into a TV when switched on. When turned off, they blend seamlessly into the design of your home. Entertainment TV Mirrors offer uncompromising quality, while adding to the design of your home. They are ideal for spaces such as above a fireplace, in living spaces or bedrooms. Available in a range of size options and customization options include shape, display size and placement, frames, lights and a host of other technology upgrades. With all of these options you are able to choose the perfect design to suit your needs and the functions of your home. This is sure to transform the look of your room in an understated way with the appearance of a tech-free house while actually it is high tech with good design.

    Vanity TV Mirrors

    Perfect for Bathrooms, Spas and Dressing rooms, vanity TV mirrors add some practicality to the elegance of your beautiful spaces. Also available in a variety of sizes, these TV mirrors are also fully customizable along with the option of making your TV mirror a lighted TV mirror. This smart mirror is sure to be the star of your mornings- saving you time in innovative ways. While you’re washing your face, brushing your teeth or doing your makeup this mirror will be able to update you on all the things you need to know for your day ahead of you including weather, news and traffic conditions.

    Indoor Waterproof TV

    Indoor Waterproof TVs are specifically designed to sit seamlessly within the walls of your home. This way, you can enjoy shows, news, movies and more in the kitchen without compromising your design or amount of surface space- turn it off and it becomes a mirror again! Custom finishes mean that you will be able to perfectly match your TV to its surroundings meaning you get maximum enjoyment with minimum effect on your design.

    With all of these options available from Wire Monkeys, we are happy to assist you in finding the smart mirror that will perfectly suit the needs of your home. Our team will assist you in figuring out which option is best suited for you and the needs of your family. We will also handle the installation and setup of your smart mirror so that your only job is to start enjoying it as soon as it is installed!

    If you are interested in a smart mirror for your home or would like to find out more, contact Wire Monkeys now!