• Wire Monkeys Lutron RA2 Select Switches

    Lutron: a Leading Light at CEDIA

    Last week at the annual CEDIA convention, Lutron unveiled its new wireless control, thermostat, lighting fixtures and exposed shades. "All these represent significant investments into the residential systems channel. We have thoughtfully developed end-to-end solutions that will help differentiate Lutron dealers and drive more business to the entire custom installation channel. These products expand the offering and reposition some of our system boundaries," says Rich Black, director of residential business development.

    RA2 Select Wireless Control

    After dealers have been telling Lutron that many of their clients have been wanting more functionality, but at a more economical price, Lutron responded with the RA2 Select. The RA2 Select is a radio frequency based lighting and shade control system which provides smart home capabilities and controls for users. The systems setup, installation and scalability is easy, and can be completely set up using the Lutron app. According to Black, in beta tests, some integrators managed to set up systems in under 20 minutes.

    The RA2 Select system works with leading smart home brands such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Honeywell, Nest, Sonos and more. It can support up to 100 devices, which is double the number of devices that Caseta can support.

    Palladiom Shading System

    The new Palladiom Shading System with exposed rollers was one of Lutron’s biggest reveals. “This is not just a new exposed bracket, it is an entirely new shading system with a new drive, bracket, wire management and installation system," notes Black. "It makes installation fast with minimal light gaps and hidden wires. Lots of innovation made this possible. A lot of the magic in the system is what you can’t see in terms of engineering to do things like be able to drive the fabric all the way out to the edge of the roller to minimize the light gap.”

    With the ultra-quiet motors and a new hem bar, the shades can be coordinated with the Palladio, keypad and new thermostat.

    HomeWorks QS Palladiom Thermostat

    The sleek new design of the HomeWorks QS Palladiom thermostat is sure to turn heads. The clean finish features buttons and faceplates made of the same materials for a very polished design. The faceplate comes in plastic, glass or metal, with large backlit buttons (at varying intensities adjusted to ambient lighting conditions) and engraved text to make the thermostat easier to find in a dark room.

    Animated heating and cooling icons on the LED display indicate when the system is running. Temperature can be controlled on HomeWorks QS’ whole-home scenes, which allow homeowners control over temperatures from their smartphones wherever they are.

    All in all Lutron has clearly been busy improving their systems to make homeowners lives easier than ever before. For more information about which Lutron products are best for your home and family, contact Wiremonkeys.