• Crestron Home by Wire Monkeys

    More than meets the eye!

    There are many home automation systems on the market, and at Wiremonkeys, we pay close attention to all the different systems and their various advantages. We strive to provide our customers with the best options on offer so we make sure to do our research! The one system we have always put our name firmly behind is Crestron. In terms of home automation technology, they are one of the best on the market, as they easily allow for almost any subsystems to be accessed and controlled from a single interface.

    A good home automation system is one that blends into your home in a way that you aren’t aware of its presence, only its convenience. They are totally discreet and focus on simplifying your life through technology, not complicate it further. When designing a living space for people to relax and live in, systems that work best are ones that are designed with functionality in mind. The Crestron automation systems integrate with all of your existing systems such as your television, blu-ray player, stereo system, media player and security system. This is why we have chosen Crestron, because it seamlessly becomes part the lives of those who use them for ultimate convenience.

    If you think that home automation products are just for entertinament and those with too much money, you’d be wrong. A properly designed home automation systems is able give mobility and independence to those who previously didn’t have it. When Harry Potter stunt double, David Holmes, was severely injured while filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, he set his sights on creating a fully automated home that gave him independence and mobility without giving up any of the style, comfort and luxury he wanted for his bachelor pad.

    Crestron was the partner he chose to help him achieve this, as their user-friendly touch screen interface is perfect for his limited mobility and dexterity. Another reason he had for choosing Crestron is because he wanted his home to be a space that would give him total independence, and a place where he wouldn’t be reminded of his disability daily. Crestron allows for easy usability without detracting from the design of the home, a seamless blend technology into the design of the home so that its integrity is maintained while at the same time, greatly enhancing convenience, security and energy savings.

    On the surface, Crestron is a company that has taken the concept of home automation, and created affordable and easy to use systems, but looking beneath the surface reveals just how revolutionary their systems are. ‘Home’ is a place people think of when we talk about comfort and relaxation. But for many of us, the helping hand of technology is needed to achieve this. We use Crestron to help people turn their houses into places they can truly feel comfortable in, and we find that quite remarkable.