• ISE 2017 Entrance

    ISE 2017 Highlights

    The annual Integrated Systems Europe, or ISE conference has just come and gone and many of the leading brands we source for our customers had stalls at the ISE and released new products. ISE is an annual show organised my both CEDIA and INFOCOMM and is the largest audio/video expo in Europe. Many unveiled new versions of products or brand new products altogether. This is a highlight of some of our favourites and a sneak peek into what you could be expecting from us in the upcoming months!

    Lutron announced that its whole-home systems HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA will support Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Sonos in March. By integrating voice and audio control technologies, customers are now able to interact with Lutron systems in a way that is easier than before and improves quality of life.

    Crestron introduced the Digital Media NVX series- an industry first. This system is able to transmit 4K60 4:4:4 HDR over a standard 1 Gigabyte Ethernet without any latency. This makes it an infinitely scalable network AV solution, with thousands of endpoints and simple point to point setup, the Digital Media NVX series is easy to configure, commission and control from the web.

    Nuvo revealed a number of new products at its stand, and these are the ones that stood out for us:

    The Nuvo P500 Soundbar and Subwoofer package. This system is designed to provide top notch sound content through a powerful 2.1 system, complete with an 8 inch Subwoofer. The result is that it plays excellent audio through a video source such as your television.

    The Nuvo Player Portfolio P4300 is the latest generation of the Player Portfolio series. 100 Watts of power is produced by super-efficient class D amplifiers with the result being superior sound production.

    The Nuvo P30 Touch Screen is a fully functioning android tablet that coffers conveinient in wall control over the Player Portfolio system. With the use of the Player Portfolio app, it can operate the entire home audio system while being able to access streaming services, music stored on networked devices and apps such as Spotify, Pandora and Deezer.

    Sonance released the Professional series which brings a new level of performance and aesthetics to the audio industry. Their new range of ceiling speakers, pendant speakers and surface mount speakers available in a range of sizes and colours are sure to blow you away with incredible quality.

    SpeakerCraft announced a major update to their multi-room audio software that adds streaming audio services, a new streamlined user interface and a dynamic zone grouping feature. These updates make the platform truly more user friendly than ever and now include built in streaming services such as Spotify, Tune In and Pandora to name a few.

    This was an exciting event and we at Wire Monkeys are keen to keep track of the latest improvements and the best brands so that we can always provide our customers with the best value for your buck!