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    Five New Music Services now available for Sonos

    Starting today Sonos is now offering five new music services, Deezer Elite, TIDAL, 22tracks, Mixcloud, and Saavn. This bring the total of streaming music services to over 60 different stations worldwide. Each one of which offers a range of features like high definition audio formats, handpicked station and playlist creation, and a new region of music discovery on Sonos. 

    So where do you even start with all these choices? Think of the list of music services as a musical choose-your-own-adventure.

    In search of a higher quality stream to appreciate the details in your favorite tracks? Check out Deezer Elite or TIDAL. Both offer CD quality (16- bit, 44.1kHz, FLAC lossless) music streams so you can hear every detail, including that faint metallic ringing from the crash of cymbals and extra resonance from each strum of the guitar with both services.

    • Deezer Elite, exclusively available for listeners on Sonos, offers subscriptions for $9.99 when purchased for a year or more and $14.99 when purchased monthly. The regular service price is $19.99.
    • TIDAL’s high-definition streaming subscription costs $19.99/month.

    Not in the mood to build a playlist or just want someone else, like a professional DJ, to select your music for you? 22tracks offers playlists curated by local DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris, while Mixcloud offers a new take on radio with huge collections of radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes. These aren’t your top 40 type of music discovery services. They cater to DIY music enthusiasts looking to get their hands dirty searching for that perfect song. Both 22tracks and Mixcloud are free and available globally.

    Been searching for your favorite tracks in every corner of the world? Then we recommend the Indian-language and Bollywood songs brought to you by Saavn. They offer everything from newest songs to the hard-to-find classics with a catalogue that includes millions of tracks waiting to be streamed wirelessly throughout your home. The SaavnPro subscription is available to all globally for $3.99/month.

    Across all of your services, are you sick of hearing your kid’s latest pop anthem? You can now add multiple accounts (up to 32) and easily toggle between them to keep your personal listing uniquely yours. Just because you’ve added your personal Spotify account, for example, doesn’t mean that everyone else in the family needs to alter your finely tuned playlists with their favorites.

    To explore these and the additional services available on Sonos, select “Add Music Services” within your music menu on the Sonos App. Stay on the lookout for more as we’re always adding new services in both beta and general release.