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    Helpful Integrated Lifestyles

    Having an integrated lifestyle is a way of life! Sure you have the one’s that like it simple…. no TV’s, book readers, physical fitness 24/7. I am one of those….excluding the TV watching. No time for an integrated electronic lifestyle. I call them out on that one….. here’s why:

    1. Everyone likes music right? Music is one of many things that helps make us who we are. Without music, there is an empty spot in our souls. Many times we forget our roots, and live stressful lives day in and day out. Sometimes it is hard to wake up and listen to music before work, during work, or any other times during the day. That’s just it! Having a Crestron system in your home makes it easy as a simple touch of a button on your phone, touch-panel interfaces, iPads, laptops, and of course TVs to start your day out right in any room in your house or even offices. On the go? Forgot to turn things off before you left? No problem! Your phone or any computer can turn things off in your house, while you’re away.

    2. With lights, thermostats for heating and cooling a life space, it can be quite difficult to manage and keep things off, at certain temperatures during the month. Especially for homeowners with lots of kids. Crestron systems are meant to “schedule” these systems for you, to regulate all lights and thermostats, so that your monthly bills will be as low a possible every month!

    3. Existing Security Systems or CCTV Camera Systems? No problem…. Crestron has you covered!

    4. Bottom line, even if you are the active, “no time for electronic systems” type of person, having a Crestron system in your home GIVES you more time to be active, listen to music easily, thus reducing stress(clinically proven), and saving you $$$ on utilities as well! Call the Wire Monkeys TEAM to learn more about ways to live a more simplistic stress free lifestyle!