• Wire Monkeys - Digital TV

    Digital TV does not sacrifice sound quality

    Many people were forced to buy or upgrade for a better word, to a digital TV set to adjust to the digital merging of CableTV providers. TV manufacturers have lured many customers in with their “thin” Flat Screens, which produce amazing pictures. In doing this, the audio gets a major slap in the face. It is hard to squeeze a good sounding speaker set into a 1” thick tv.

    The term “expense” for many consumers when in relation to “surround sound” means an elaborate amount of money. This is where they are wrong. If guided in the right way, people with budgets can still enjoy the benefit of having a better sounding system without spending large quantities of money to have an elaborate freestanding or in ceiling/wall surround system to produce better sound.

    Many consumers are just not aware of the different solutions and options that are out there. A simple pair of bookshelf speakers connected to a receiver and a subwoofer can dramatically make your system sound better and not break the bank in doing it.

    Consumers that aren’t familiar with technology and the many varieties to choose from can often find themselves wandering through their local electronics superstores aimlessly. Checking out price tags, and not knowing the differences between them. There is a solution for this. Call the Wire Monkeys Team! We will help you every step of the way in selecting the best equipment within your budget.

    Giving your integrator the information they need to put you into your price point really helps us provide you with different options within your budget. This is about home entertainment, and it was meant to be fun, not a headache! We can make that happen for YOU.