• Wire Monkeys Connected Speakers Audio

    Recently, the Financial Times reported that streaming services are the biggest money makers in the music industry. According to the article, " US revenues from streaming providers such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora grew 29 per cent in 2015 to $2.41bn, accounting for 34.3 per cent of total industry revenues. It was the first time total streaming revenues passed $2bn as every segment of…

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  • Understanding Sound Properties by Wire Monkeys

    Buying a home speaker system is a huge investment, so it is important to understand exactly what you are getting into. You will hopefully be using your new speakers for many years to come so you will want to make sure that they are up to scratch for all your future uses.

    Depending on how you will be using your sound system, you will need to be looking for different qualities in the…

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  • Crestron Interface by Wire Monkeys

    There are many home automation systems on the market, and at Wiremonkeys, we pay close attention to all the different systems and their various advantages. We strive to provide our customers with the best options on offer so we make sure to do our research! The one system we have always put our name firmly behind is Crestron. In terms of home automation technology, they are one of the best on…

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  • Wire Monkeys Window Shade

    Light is something that we react to on an emotional level. It affects our alertness, our ability to concentrate and our stress levels. Since we first begun to light our homes, we have aimed for lighting that is as similar to sunlight as possible, as sunlight makes us feel better than anything simulated. This is why it is important to bring as much daylight into our homes as we can.


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  • ISE 2017 Logo

    The annual Integrated Systems Europe, or ISE conference has just come and gone and many of the leading brands we source for our customers had stalls at the ISE and released new products. ISE is an annual show organised my both CEDIA and INFOCOMM and is the largest audio/video expo in Europe. Many unveiled new versions of products or brand new products altogether. This is a highlight of some of…

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  • Wire Monkeys - Lutron Grpahic-T Product

    Lutron, one of our most popular lighting control products, is now offering their GRAFIK T™ light switches with the HomeWorks® QS home control systems. The GRAFIK T™ light switches are now available in dimmers and switches.

    An instant modern design classic, GRAFIK T™ marries advanced Lutron touch-dimming technology with intuitive minimalist design. Its aesthetic is…

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  • Wire Monkeys - Sonos Streaming Music Teaser

    Starting today Sonos is now offering five new music services, Deezer Elite, TIDAL, 22tracks, Mixcloud, and Saavn. This bring the total of streaming music services to over 60 different stations worldwide. Each one of which offers a range of features like high definition audio formats, handpicked station and playlist creation, and a new region of music discovery on Sonos. 


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  • Wire Monkeys - Shade Controls

    Coopersburg, PA (September 26, 2013) – Lutron Electronics, the leader in energy-saving, wireless light and shade control, today announced three new features for its HomeWorks QS total home control system.

    RF SoftSwitch® Module switches large loads, like landscape lighting, pumps, and gates, without any wear on the relay, and without the need for multiple devices can switch an…

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  • Home Networking Systems - Wire Monkeys

    Many people were forced to buy or upgrade for a better word, to a digital TV set to adjust to the digital merging of CableTV providers. TV manufacturers have lured many customers in with their “thin” Flat Screens, which produce amazing pictures. In doing this, the audio gets a major slap in the face. It is hard to squeeze a good sounding speaker set into a 1” thick tv.

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  • Wire Monkeys - Reading and Relaxing

    Having an integrated lifestyle is a way of life! Sure you have the one’s that like it simple…. no TV’s, book readers, physical fitness 24/7. I am one of those….excluding the TV watching. No time for an integrated electronic lifestyle. I call them out on that one….. here’s why:

    1. Everyone likes music right? Music is one of many things that helps…

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